From the [makeshift] desk of Angela.

    Hello, followers!

    This might be short or this might be long, but either way the gist is the same.

    My family and I are hiding out at the Station due to a power outage in our own home, because there’s a back-up generator here which means air conditioning, food, water, electricity, and, of course, internet. ¬†Our house is now at around 17 hours without any of that (thankfully a majority being while we were asleep) so we decided to blow that popsicle stand and come to this one!

    I had been considering staying up to watch the storm but ended up falling asleep pretty early, so I didn’t get to watch it to see if it got as bad as they had been saying it would, and the most I saw today as far as damage goes was one tree down a little ways from our house.


    Letting you know we’re here praying for everyone who was affected and asking you to do the same. And thanking God for keeping all those who stayed safe for keeping them safe.

    Did any of you experience the storm at all? Any crazy stories? Anyone end up in Oz?

    Let us know!



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